Cultural Events in Pelion

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April 11, 2016
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May 16, 2016
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Cultural Events in Pelion

Greek traditional events religious ceremonies

Pelion has a rich tradition of local celebrations and cultural events. These occasions take place throughout the year and range from religious ceremonies to village naming celebrations to musical or theatrical events.

Many religious or traditional celebrations involve community participation and tourists are warmly welcomed to join in – especially with Greek dancing and singing. Locally produced food and drink are also normally available at these events so whether visitors are participating or watching, they are wonderful opportunities to witness Greek tradition.

Added to the cultural benefits, some festivals are in Spring, Autumn and Winter providing tourists with unexpected seasonal treats of mainland Greece.

Winter Holidays in Greece (Christmas, New Year and Epiphany)

The Lost Unicorn celebrates Christmas by hosting special cultural events (concerts, carol singing etc) and special menus so that our guests can experience the finest our region has to offer.

Epiphany commemorates the introduction of the infant Jesus to three wise men. In some countries, it is known as ‘Three Kings Day’.

Easter Holidays in Greece

Easter celebrations hold a special place in Greek tradition. Religious processions and events in Tsagarada bring together as many as 27 churches and chapels that offer visitors the privilege of participating in authentic Greek traditions and enjoying village culture.

Saints Day Celebrations in Greece

Saints Days are celebrated in rural chapels and town churches throughout Greece all year round.

For more details about forthcoming events and ceremonies please contact The Lost Unicorn