Pelion is the Greece you thought no longer existed…

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May 16, 2016
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Pelion is the Greece you thought no longer existed…

Pelion coastline

Pelion is the Greece you thought no longer existed…

Mount Pelion is in the Magnesia district in the plain of Thessaly and overlooking the city-port of Volos.

What the papers say:

“Pelion is the Greece you thought no longer existed: relaxing and countrified.” (Travel Telegraph)

“Dangling in the Aegean, north of Athens and East of Volos (Pelion) has idyllic landscapes, enchanting beaches and an artistic heritage as delightful as it is unique.” (Sunday Times 20 Mar 2005)

“The hook-like peninsula of Pelion lies in the warm waters of the Pagasitic Gulf, in north-eastern Greece and is perhaps one of the most unexploited, unspoilt and naturally beautiful areas of the country.” (The Independent)

“There is no other blend of culture and beauty anywhere else in the country quite like this mountainous peninsula (Pelion) in central Greece.” (The Guardian)


What  people say:

The Blessed Mountain of the Centaurs
5 of 5 starsApart from its unique natural beauty, Mount Pelion is filled with echoes of Greek mythology. Legend has it, that Zeus took pity on Ixion, who had murderd his fiancée’s father, and offered him hospitality on Mount Olympus.The ungrateful Ixion got drunk on nectar and flirted Hera – Zeus’ wife. Punishing him for his ingratitude, Zeus allowed him to sleep with Nefeli – a cloud in the form of Hera – and a monstrous being was born – Centaurus. Half of his body was human and the other half was that of a horse.
If you are a nature lover, Pelion will seduce you. It is filled with breathless views of unspeakable natural beauties. I recommend exploring the quaint and picturesque villages of Portaria, Makrinitsa, Chania, Kissos and you must visit Tsagarada! Portaria and Makrinitsa are quite touristy, yet the views to the Pagasetic Gulf and the city of Volos are splendid!


“Most beautiful place in the world!”

Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. The exotic natural beauty of this place holds absolute first place in my heart. Rich in stunning romantic little villages all along the breath taking mountain, crystal clear turquoise beaches with water that seems unreal, great variety of places to explore, breath taking views of the mountain and the sea, history and plenty things to do. If you’re a person of life and action spending an afternoon with the kayak in the marble sea, playing beach tennis, swimming, diving, hiking- you name it, this is the place to enjoy it all to the finest. Organic amazingly delicious food, prepared only with the most fresh ingredients that have grown it the hugely fertile mountain, magically tasting drinking water straight from the mountain, and amazingly clean sea- all these please your senses, but allow you to keep your bikini body and tone intact.

Unlike distant exotic places where often times water is disappointing and you travel 10 000 miles to swim in chlorine pools, here you simply dive into the virgin stunning nature and you can’t get enough of it. No sharks, or any other creepiness in the sea! The beaches feel like a natural, wild, white marble piece of luxury. It is hard to adjust your senses to this beauty. Often you leave the beach late in the evening as the sea has a magnetic power. The only place, where I smile for ‘no reason’. I just feel happy.

Also, it lacks the highly turn off touristy vibe you get at many other places around the world. I have visited places, where they try too hard to get the tourists money- not my kind of thing. Not too many organized activities to create the feeling that you’re at a pension place destination. This place is for young souls with drive to explore, move, enjoy. Great, calm beach bars, with soft ambient music have been created to merge with nature and please the visitors. Try the cappucino smoothie on Mylopotamos beach! Thank me later! You also get an attractive crowd of active exploring people and families. Again not even a glimpse of a vibe of a dead resort for lazy tourists. Explore Milies, Tasgarada, Makrinitsa, Damouhari to name a few and you’ll be under the love spell of the is one of a kind destination. Perfection!

Try the unique plates that each village has to offer, and the fresh mouth watering sea food. Try the figs, peaches and watermelons for breakfast and have an out of this world experience.

The man made stunning small villages are beautifully made and maintained, yet they look like a natural extension of the place, rather than forcefully build touristy attractions. Last, but not least, as I’m a health and beauty lover, you always leave this place slimmer and hotter, more alert and full of energy and life and not stuffed with food and tired as all inclusive holiday destinations around the world. It is a bliss for the soul, senses, health and beauty to come in this remarkable hidden gem. Lately more and more people have discovered it- I’m a bit selfish to say this, but I prefer it when it’s less crowds, so if you’re like me- go in July!