Updated Health and Safety Policy during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Your comfort, health and safety are paramount and we assure you that our upgraded policy will ensure the protection of guests and staff against the Corona virus.

Christos Martzos is the allocated person responsible for overseeing the health and safety policy and for training the staff. If suspected or confirmed cases of the virus occur, he will implement the action plan in co-operation with the local doctor and the health authorities.

Our staff members have been trained in how to recognise and deal with Corona virus symptoms in themselves and others. They have been taught the new health and safety rules and regulations regarding their own behaviour to stop the spread of the virus; social distancing, personal hygiene and the wearing of protective equipment.

They have been instructed to control how many people use the public areas and where customers should be seated for breakfast and at dinner, making sure there is enough space between tables.

We have upgraded our existing high standards of hygiene by introducing new cleaning procedures that include enhanced disinfecting and deep-cleaning of the bedrooms, bathrooms and public areas with steam. There are sanitising products around the hotel and all surfaces are cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

In the village there is a doctor and a pharmacy within walking distance. Nearby there are two mini-markets which sell face masks and hand gel.

The new check-in time is after 3pm and the new check-out time is before 11am; this is to allow time for proper detailed cleaning.


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